This week, we’re going to discuss the most significant villain of your story.

The Greatest Villain of All

What’s stopping you?

You. You’re stopping yourself.

Your obsession with things you can’t control? Your fault.

Your laser-focus on the corrupt system of politics that you know doesn’t care about you or your interests? You fault.

Your refusal to control your emotions? Your fault.

Your laziness in building your willpower? Your fault.

Your insistence on associating with toxic and terrible people at the expense of virtue and your happiness? Your fault.

When you tell your story, you have to realize that no one hurts you and undermines your greatness with more efficiency and effectiveness than yourself.

We are the greatest villain in our stories because we prevent the character growth and development that is necessary for accomplishing virtue and shunning vice.

Collectivists Do Not Want You To Be Free of Yourself

what's stopping you

The most significant obstacle we have to overcome is ourselves.

Getting out of your way is going to take everything you’ve got. It’s not easy building yourself up into an intellectual powerhouse capable of beating back the worse that life has to offer.

From the day we’re born, we’re taught not to value ourselves. We’re told to think only for the good of a manipulative and predatorial society which doesn’t care about what we need, want, or love. We’re also told that we’re not personally responsible for any wrong that we do. All of our harmful actions are simply dumped into the community, and we move on. Have a child out of wedlock? Society will provide. Commit a crime and hurt innocent people? It’s not your fault because society just didn’t care enough about you. Invested your money poorly and refuse to work? Society will deliver welfare. Refuse to take better care of your health? Society has medical care for you.

Break Free From The Restraints and Limitations of Society

However, if you’re responsible and care about your fellow man? You realize that you are “society.” You, the individual, will pay for the poor decisions that others make and live the rest of your life caring for others who refuse to care for themselves. All the while you’ll never receive a thank you or even a pat on the back. Because this is your “responsibility” as an “active citizen.”

I strongly believe we have to break free of society’s restraints so we can pursue our voluntary, peaceful, and enriching goals.

Society will always attack you. However, you have to avoid destroying your own dreams and sense of value. Be proud of yourself, build better habits, set a life goal, and live with the zeal and magnanimity which ensures you’ll be the great person you were made to be.

Individualism and how this blog helps


Build yourself and marvel at your greatness.

I have a few blog posts on my site covering certain topics such as willpower and emotional control. Read through these blog posts for a better understanding of the key elements to improving yourself and the world. Additionally, within each of these posts are further readings as well as questions to help you think critically about what you’re reading and what you should do next.

Furthermore, I will be discussing a few topics and ideas going forward:

  • How to build better habits and overcome bad habits
  • How to apply the key virtues to our daily tasks and thinking
  • How to set clear goals and work towards accomplishing them
  • How to build alternative sources of income which put money directly in your pocket

You Have To Change In Order To Improve Your Life

It’s difficult to change. Change never comes easy and requires a great exercise of will. Through persistence, a zeal for what you want, and an understanding of the magnanimity of your task, you can overcome yourself and become the individual you seek.

Individualism is both freeing and restraining because we ultimately control ourselves. This gives us dominion over ourselves but forces us to take responsibility for what we do or do not do.

So stop stopping yourself and get busy living a great life.


  1. What is your worst habit? Why? What can you do to overcome it?
  2. Do you have a firm control over your emotions? And do you have a strong will? Why or why not?
  3. What are you proud of? How can you extend this pride to other parts of your life?

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

*Image credit to Unsplash.