Welcome to Become an Individual. In this post, I want to define my goals for my site so you can decide whether or not this blog will benefit you.

What Is “Become An Individual” About?

My self-help blog explores how to become the most virtuous version of yourself. This process, “becoming an individual,” is straightforward, but requires hard work, virtue, and pride.

Every Monday, I’ll post a blog discussing a topic, such as developing physical strength, then end the post with “actionables,” i.e., a list of items that you can do to improve yourself.

Through Become an Individual, I want to help you:

  • Safeguard yourself, those you love, and your resources against the whims of society
  • Reject and avoid toxic people and ideas
  • Empower yourself to pursue virtues and your personal goals
  • Engage in community and learn to serve others fully and effectively

Lastly, I’m not an expert in anything; I’m just a good listener. Overall, I’ll provide a large assortment of documents that you can read to continue your journey of self-improvement. Furthermore, through my journey of self-improvement, I hope to guide others with what I’ve learned.

What this blog isn’t

this is not a political blog

We must focus on the internal, not the external, to achieve greatness.

This blog is about self-improvement, not the whims and immaturities of society. Instead, I discuss politics, economics, and identity as they pertain to the individual.

For example, I’m a support of minimalism and anti-consumerism, but only as they pertain to improving the individual. While minimalism and anti-consumerism will help the environment, my goal is to focus on the benefits such ideas have for you, not for the world at large.

Additionally, I have no patience for racists, sexists, homophobes, and other collectivists. Yes, this includes you if you dislike the majority. “Privilege” does not give anyone the right to hurt or malign innocent people.

Collectivism, in all forms, is the mindset of barbarians and cynics, and I have no time for either.


This section is where actionables will be present. We cannot improve ourselves through talk alone, so I will always leave actionables at the end of each blog post for you to do.


You’ll never have a beautiful forest full of rotting and weakened trees. Similarly, you can never produce a functioning and stable civilization where the individuals are scared of the future, anxious about their present, and ashamed of their past.

By focusing on the individual, I believe we can create a better, more stable world full of people who are happy, satisfied, and in the whole pursuit of virtue.

*Image credit to Unsplash.