Today, I discuss how our world is repetitive in its insanity.

Table of Contents

  • Where We Are
  • Why Are We Here?
  • How Do You Survive In Our Clown World?
    • 1) Find something that requires your daily presence
    • 2) Get in shape and eventually learn how to defend yourself
    • 3) Prepare for emergencies
  • Your Society Won’t Change, But You Can
  • Actionables

Where We Are

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The world is dangerous because of cancel culture, violet thugs, international entanglements, inflation, lockdowns, and so much more. Each of these dangers threatens the individual, his sanity, and the stability of his society.

However, these dangers are dull. Everyone knows such dysfunction cannot sustain itself. We know lockdowns are destructive and only serve the ruling classes and elites. We know thugs should be punished, mainly to protect the innocent. We know that inflation makes everyone poorer and provides scant short-term pleasures.

We know these things. But our society is full of addicts, and addicts make the same insane decisions at the cost of themselves and others.

Why Are We Here?

slave | woman protesting for the elites to grant her a wish

Modern man desperately wants to be enslaved. He seeks comfort even though he cannot earn it through the state’s brutality, the elites’ lies, and the mob’s noise.

Our society is always following the course of least resistance. Man is a creature of comfort; unless nature, his willpower, or religion directs him elsewhere, he will continuously pursue what is fleeting and comforting.

Modern man has defeated nature. He does not fear famine, disease, or the weather. He has no religion to rebuff him. His community is not formed to serve God or virtue but to engage in vice and comfort. And he has no willpower. Any willpower he could have developed was beaten out of him to make him the perfect student, taxpayer, and corporate drone.

Thus, we are stuck in a society of weak individuals who support banal evil and cowardly deeds for small trinkets and prizes.

How Do You Survive In Our Clown World?

Overall, the individual cannot resolve this problem. One of the glaring faults of individualism is that it’s an individual movement. The focus is on the individual, and the individual cannot make broad, sweeping changes alone.

Thus, our focus today is on how to endure your society’s insanity. If you can emotionally and mentally process this troubling reality, you will have power beyond your wildest dreams.

1) Find something that requires your daily presence

Depressed | woman sad in a chair

Fixate your mind on being present every day. Such a fixation helps me decrease depressive and suicidal thoughts.

Depression, anxiety, and fear will consume you. Our broken world will only reinforce these feelings of hopelessness.

Therefore, find something that requires your daily presence. Start learning a skill that will take years to master. Fall in love and get married, and have children you are responsible for. Build a community that relies on you and who you rely on. Help those in need.

Our goal here is to fight any suicidal or depressive thoughts that arise from living in a predictable and dangerous world. You know inflation will be worse tomorrow. You know the government will steal more liberties, and the sheep will cheer. You know the elites will avoid the horrors they inflict on everyone else.

You know this, and this knowledge will crush you. So, have people, events, and skills that keep you coming back daily to keep fighting.

2) Get in shape and eventually learn how to defend yourself

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – J. Krishnamurti

Physical health is tied to mental health. The physically stronger you are, the better you perform mentally. Additionally, physical fitness lets us know we’re ready for a physical assault or preventable health issues.

Start by exercising in your home by doing simple body workouts. Then, graduate to gym visits. Once you’ve built the gym habit, start optimizing your training with apps or a trainer. Focus on what you’re eating. You will feel confident in our pathetic world when you see your growth and improvement.

3) Prepare for emergencies

Prepping” has a bad rap because we live in a consumerist society. The average person can’t accept that the trucks might stop running or the shelves may one day be empty. However, we know better, and we prepare.

There is value in saving money for emergencies and having a supply of food or medical resources. You’re not preparing for months of living off the grid. You need a week of water and food, a flashlight in case the lights go off, a fire extinguisher for fires, a first aid kit, and so on.

When we prepare, we remove our dependency on a dangerous world that we know is actively crippling itself. If you can decrease your dependency, you can live a little easier knowing you are free of the arbitrary nature of our society.

Your Society Won’t Change, But You Can

greed | man sipping ice cream

Weak individuals will walk their predictable path. The man of today is no different than the weak individual of yesterday. Your goal is to thrive despite his stupidity, greed, and sin.

Modern man is addicted to vice, the ruling classes, false virtue, and other damaging substances. However, you can be different and create a free life in the sea of zombies.

But you must acknowledge that the world is boring. People will support the state apparatus even though they cannot point to a successful government program. They will cheer for the deaths of people they have never met. They will proudly cancel every disagreeable opinion without offering a “why” or a rational counterargument. They will riot and burn down their neighbors’ businesses and remain surprised when wealth leaves their neighborhoods. Predators will be allowed around children, and weak individuals will be shocked when abuses are revealed. The ruling classes will never persecute their own, and weak individuals will gladly support the rich as they take our wealth. Do not waste energy being frustrated.

And our world worsens every day, and the average person does not want moral responsibility for themselves. They will complain about the decline of their civilization and do nothing to fix it. They can’t even fix themselves.

Thus, everything is boring, but you should not be apathetic. Prepare. Acknowledge the failures of your institutions and their potential collapse. See the weak individuals around you and understand how lost and scared they are.

Try to help people. Always improve yourself. Participate in elections and seek to have conversations. However, always prepare for the worst.


  1. What is something about the modern world that scares you? Does the banality of this terrifying evil help or worsen the fear?
  2. What would it take to be free of the modern world? Money? Resources? Connections? How can you achieve protection against the insanity of others?
  3. Remember that society will never change, but you can. What is one thing you can do right now to make an improvement in your life? Overcome a vice? Learn a new skill? Stop associating with a certain individual?

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

*Image credit to Unsplash.