This is a strictly personal post reflecting on how I feel about being 27.

Becoming an Individual

I grew up in an environment that hated individualism. I was not allowed to think outside of the box and be my own man unless I wanted to face the wrath of other people. Others pressured me into accepting their standards, and I was told my self-worth was worth nothing.

Where I grew up, everyone tried to misuse loyalty as a means of taking from others. “The many” was more important than “the few,” and multiple people did all they could to steal from individuals intellectually, financially, and emotionally.

Additionally, this society actively opposed any effort I made to improving myself. When I tried to correct my thinking, broaden my horizon, or increase my opportunities, my “friends” and family were ready to push me down by any means necessary.

Lastly, my community was full of people who never helped one another. Chaos and hostility reigned which ensures the most innocent would be devoured first through child abuse, gang warfare, and apathy.

Independence was in short supply. Nobody wanted personal responsibility, and no one wanted to improve.

I hated that life, so I decided to pursue something differently by carving my path out and building myself from the ground up.

By defining my philosophy, I earned better jobs, developed deeper skillsets, got married, started a family, and improved my wellbeing and health.

At 27 years old, I’ve created a man who stands above the people who desperately wanted to pull him down. Through this blog and my own life, I want to show people that having an individualistic philosophy enables everyone to improve their situation and help others do the same.

toxic people

Some people exist only to try and break your spirit and sense of self-worth.

Surrounded by the Unhealthy

Time and time again, I’ve always seen the following in society:

  • A hatred and rejection of nuance when dealing with potential solutions to complex issues
  • An insane belief that the “selfish few” should carry the burden of the “downtrodden many”
  • An obsession with valuing comfort over morality, standards, or simple human decency
  • An immense hatred towards self-improvement, self-reliance, or self-worth

I believe a societal approach, like a top-down approach, is ripe for corruption and chaos. When we value the fleeting wants of the many, we fail to fulfill the needs of the few. Humans are simply too complicated for all our actions, wants, and needs to be determined by the selfish and unhealthy perspective of a “collective.”

Since I was a child, I feared the people around me because they were hurtful and had dangerous notions about relationships and value. They did not care what I wanted – they only cared about what I could do for them. I see this in society. Society doesn’t care what the individual wants – society only cares about what skills we have, what taxes we can pay, and what political movement we can be utilized for.

Looking Ahead and Keep Thriving

keep thriving boxing

Eventually, I want to learn how to box and cover the process on this blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to help others as well as build myself. In just a few months, I’ve developed better habits. I’ve also thought critically about specific topics such as virtue.

Going forward, I want to continue to improve myself and offer guidance and resources for other people to do the same. I want to cover other topics such as getting into shape, providing independent sources of food, diversifying income, building a community, and preparing for uncertain times.

I haven’t mastered these trends yet, so I look forward to exploring these topics and helping others do the same.

In Conclusion


We are made for greatness – not comfort

Society creates anxiety in me. I look at the current state with disgust: the race-baiting and bashing, the victim building, the hatred, the gender wars, and the inability to hold a simple, peaceful, and respectful conversation. This is not a world worth being a part of and it’s prudent for me to separate and become an individual.

My very blog title is a bold declaration. “I am going to keep thriving.” This is a decision I’ve made, outside of the negative influence of the external world. And what would the world have me do? Lie down and give up – be anxious, vote for some idiots, turn over self-control to the masses, etc. Then log on social media and bitch about things I can’t control.

I believe that people can do better within healthy, thriving, and small communities of like-minded people. That’s what individualism is all about. Separating ourselves from mainstream society as a means of supporting each other and improving our individual capacities. We cannot improve the world through massive change. We have to look at ourselves and strengthen our hearts, minds, and souls.

So, become an individual. Or don’t. I’ve got things to do and either way, I wish you well.


Read the following:

  1. Do you enjoy my blog? Why or why not?
  2. Are you skeptical about becoming an individual? What’s holding you up? Do you not buy the message or are you struggling with your own demons?

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

*Image credit to Unsplash.