Last year, I started this blog. Today, I want to reflect on why it’s essential to become an individual.

A Blog About Individualism


Individualism allows us to be the best version of ourselves.

Individualism is the belief that an individuals’ sovereignty should be placed above the demands, needs, and wants of the collective or the state.

Politically, individuality can span a multitude of ideologies from libertarianism to anarcho-capitalism. The core similarity between these political and philosophical ideologies is the acceptance that the individual should have as much freedom of action as reasonably possible.

Individualism as a personal philosophy is, in my opinion, focused on helping the individual wield his or her personal tools to accomplish their goals and live a better life. No matter one’s capacities or economic reality, it is always possible to live a healthier, more rational, and proud life where one excels at the very art of living.


Self-improvement is the result of individualism

The question is: “How does one live a good life?” And, under individualism, that answer is simply: “By my own means through my own volition.

As individuals, we change our lives through the results of our efforts. Your friends cannot learn a skill for you nor can your government be virtuous on your behalf. We have to perfect the habits, learn the skills, and improve the thinking that allows us to excel at the precious lives we lead.

I started this blog a year ago because I want to explore how an individual can improve his or her life. By discussing topics such as emotional control or the importance of sound philosophy, I give individuals the resources they need to improve their mental wellbeing, accomplish their goals, and remove toxicity from their environment.

Why Is Individualism So Important?

helping others

Help yourself to help others

Individualism is important because it gives you the tools you need to improve your life on the terms that you set.

These tools include how to control your emotions, how to build your willpower, how to set and follow clear goals, how to work smarter, how to become humbler, how to live frugally, and much more.

If you want to be an artist, your friend cannot learn painting for you. If you wish to be physically fit, a personal trainer cannot loan you his or her muscles. If you wish to overcome an addiction, a religious figure cannot bear this burden for you.

People can help you achieve greatness, but no one can walk that path for you.

Because of this reality – the reality that individual achievement and accomplishment stem from personal merit – it is crucial to focus on the means by which you can strengthen and improve yourself. You can only control your actions; you can not control anything else.

We all possess goals and desires we wish to see fulfilled. We all wish to be stronger, more capable, and smarter. We all wish to control our urges and flaws. We all wish to be better than what we are now. By adhering to individualism, we can excel in the art of living.

Become an Individual

individualism happiness

Individualism allows you to be happy

Individualism is focused on building up individuals who can make better decisions, are self-reliant, and capable of weathering the harsh realities of life. Through my self-help blog, I want to give you (and myself) the tools needed to accomplish the following goals:
  • Safeguard yourself, those you love, and your resources against the whims of society
  • Reject and avoid toxic people and ideas
  • Empower yourself to pursue virtues and your personal goals
  • Engage in community and learn to serve others fully and effectively

There is no one coming to save you, and that’s a terrifying yet beautiful thing. When you have power over your own destiny, you have a heavy burden to carry. But when you learn to carry that weight, you become empowered to do truly amazing things.

When you learn to control your emotions, you save time and energy as well as learn how to patiently and kindly interact with others.

When you learn frugality, you lower your stress and anxiety surrounding money while having more resources to invest in yourself and your community.

When you increase your willpower, you have more persistence and zeal to tackle your daily tasks and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

You will not strengthen yourself by obsessing over the external world you have no control over. You will not achieve happiness by drowning your insecurities in the insipid waters of collectivism and identity politics. You will not be satisfied with the ashes of the potential you’ve spent years burning away.

The only way to improve your life and the wellbeing of those you love is by challenging yourself to become an individual. Study virtues, squash bad habits, build a healthy, supportive community.

But above all else: believe in yourself and the person you would love to become.


  1. What are your thoughts on individualism? How did you form these thoughts? Who helped you form these opinions?
  2. Describe the ideal version of yourself. What appeals to you? Why do you want to be that person?
  3. What do you struggle with the most? How do you feel about that struggle? What do you think would be possible in your life if you overcame that struggle?

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

*Image credit to Unsplash.