Today, I want to conclude the health series and focus on why improving your physical health will help you become an individual.

Why Is Physical Health Important?


Being healthy will make you happy.

We are physical beings in possession of a mind and a soul. We cannot excel in life if we focus on our intellectual and spiritual obligations but fail to provide for our physical needs.

Simply put, there is no way to excel as an individual without taking the time to improve your physical body through good sleep, exercise, and food. However, with an improved physique, you will think clearer, be more emotionally stable, improve your willpower, and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Lastly, with an improved physical body, you’ll have more energy to help others with physically-demanding projects.

The Importance of a Good Meal

great meals

Healthy meals and snacks will improve your body, mind, and soul.

Crafting your own meals will save you time, energy, and money. Meal plans are an excellent way to ensure you have the time you need to create and eat the meals you want. Through meal plans, you’ll be able to take control of your life while improving your bodysharpening your mind, and reducing your spending.

When you eat garbage food, you’ll have poor fuel, which ensures you’ll feel cranky, angry, and disgusting. However, when you eat food that’s good for you, you’ll feel energized, happy, and focused.

Healthy food is the foundational key to an individual’s success.

The Importance of Good Sleep


Sleep as often, and whenever you can.

Your body expends energy throughout the day. The more sleep you get, the better your body can rest and replenish any lost energy. Sleep also allows for dreaming and introspection. Introspection is useful to any individual struggling with personal problems that aren’t immediately obvious to the conscious mind.

Sleeping also gives rest to the mind. Your mind is like a muscle, and sleep allows your mind to recover. Relaxing also does the trick, but rest is a hard reset for the brain. Sleep can also help you get back into the daily grind for the next day.

With healthy food as your energy, sleep is your chance to replenish any good energy expended through the day.

The Importance of Good Exercise


Exercise gifts you with a finely tuned and attractive body.

Physical activity engages the body and pushes your limits. When you workout, your body has to struggle. Once you overcome this struggle, you can enjoy an improved body more capable of accomplishing physical feats.

Since useful exercise can be challenging, your mind has to be up to the task. When your mind has the fortitude necessary to deal with the pain of physical exercise, you’ll develop the ability to persist through pain in other aspects of your life.

Lastly, exercise provides fun and community. If you play a sport or workout with others, you can spend time with other individuals and share in the joy that is exercise.

Food is the fuel, sleep is the way you replenish, and exercise is the way you grow your physical abilities.

It’s All In Your Head

fake weakness

Weakness is in your head. You can live a healthier lifestyle if you choose to.

We are individuals, not determinists. Improved health is within your reach. You must never create excuses or believe you can’t get more sleep, eat better food, or participate in rigorous exercises.

Not Eating Correctly Is A Matter Of Laziness

Eating better food is not more expensive. You’ll always pay more for food preparation if you eat out, and unhealthy food will wreak havoc on your body in the long-run. Cooking healthy food requires more time and energy at first. But once you build the habit, creating the meals outlined on your meal plan becomes second-nature.

Eat better food. You’ll feel better and have more control over your life and your wellbeing. Not eating healthy is a personal choice that will only create disappointment in the long-run.

Sleeping Involves Overcoming Your Mental Fears And Lingering Issues


More sleep can help you cut your dependency on coffee.

You may struggle to sleep. However, overcoming the various issues in your daily life will provide you with the tools you need to sleep better than ever before.

Critically engage with yourself: what are your life goals? Are you doing everything you can to reach them? How do you feel at the end of each day? What is one thing you think you did well today? And so on. Journal, keep track of your day, and always set meaningful to-do lists, so you avoid feeling restless at the end of the day.

Always be willing to seek professional help. You can be doing everything right in your life but still struggle to sleep. Never believe you lessen yourself by seeking help from others.

Not Working Out Is Also A Matter Of Laziness

get over your excuses

Get over your excuses and hit the gym.

Working out is hard, but you’re an individual. Overcoming limitations in one part of your life will lead to you doing the same in other parts of your life.

So don’t sit on the couch. Get up and exercise. Don’t let the opinions and ideas of others mold your thoughts about yourself.

Your body, mind, and sense of confidence will improve when you go to the gym and stick to it.

Health and Individualism

control individuals health

Individuals who control their health, control their destiny.

One thing I’ve tried to avoid doing with my blog is ragging about state power, corporate greed, and the like. I understand the value of pointing out the injustices of the elite and why we need to speak truth to those in power. However, that’s all we seem to do nowadays.

Individualism, to me, is about improving the self to improve society. Health is a cornerstone of this process. As individuals, we need to be healthy and capable. Instead of arguing aimlessly about the nonsense of the federal government, the warfare state, the dead-end nature of bailouts, etc., we should focus on what we can directly influence.

Your health matters. Reducing your stress is essential. All the other aspects of your life ring hollow if your body is deteriorating because you refuse to eat better.

Focus on yourself first. Workout. Eat your vegetables. Get sleep. Once you develop better habits and improve your wellbeing, you’ll be even more effective when fighting a corrupt system.

Never lose yourself in a movement. Remember that you are an individual. And as an individual, you need to be healthy.


  1. Imagine what you’re life would be like if you were healthier. Hold on to that thought. Do you believe that is worth fighting for? Would getting more sleep help you stay motivated and focused? Would eating better food cleanse your system and enhance your wellbeing? Would exercising make you happier and more fulfilled? Why don’t you want to fight for this?

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

*Image credit to Unsplash