Today, we discuss the best ways to fight against the evils of individualism.

The Problem With Individualism

evil individualism | graffiti

Individualism promotes personal responsibility, universal ethics, and voluntary relationships. The result? Oppression, death, and misery.

You are joining a growing number of people who seek to oppose the evils and horrors wrought by individualism.

Individualists believe they should have control over their own lives. How ludicrous! If people make their own choices and are responsible for themselves, then who will fund the schools? Build the roads? Pray in the churches? Cover up the sins of the family?

Individualism, like all evil ideologies, must be opposed. Therefore, we explore how you can fight the tyranny of the individual.

Why Is Individualism Bad For Society?

own yourself | woman screaming

Individuals who believe they own themselves always lose their minds.

“Individualism is an evil ideology built on the backs of innocent people.” – A Wise Person

Individualism is evil because it places the wants and needs of the individual above the flawless wisdom of the collective, our effective government, and our glorious leaders. We all know individualism and related philosophies have wrought nothing but suffering and mayhem.

How do we know? Well, you’re alive, aren’t you? Do you have to work? Feed yourself? Suffer from the occasional independent thought? You have only self-ownership to blame. Without individualism, capitalism, and limited government, we would all be free.

Free to do what? The list is endless:

Without individualism, we could do so much!

How Do You Oppose Individualism?

oppose individualism | police

Individualists are always seeking to take away the protections of the state. How selfish!

Since we’ve covered why individualism is evil, let’s look at the best ways collectivists can oppose individualism:

  • Create a mob to shun and hurt others who may disagree with the collective.
  • Shout at people and, if necessary, hurt them so that they can understand the values of collectivism.
  • Categorize all individuals within certain groups, then judge the worth of those individuals based on their unchosen group identities. This judgment will ensure we have equality and fairness amongst all.
  • Ensure anyone with a diverging thought is labeled as a radical, traitor, and sellout, so they will fall in line. Get the bastards fired if we need to.
  • Raise taxes on anyone working or breathing.
  • Support bigger than life ideas such as universal schooling, universal healthcare, and free air. The bigger and more undefined our dreams are, the more we know we’re defeating individualists.

What Are The Best Arguments Against Individualism?

stand against individualism | protests

You must take a brave stance against individualism. Fight the oppression of individuals wishing to live life on their terms.

“Who will build the roads?” – The Perfect Masses

One day, you may have to argue against someone who holds radically anti-collectivist views. Therefore, we’re going to look at the best arguments you can make against individualism.

The best arguments against individualism are:

  1. Highlight how unrealistic and naive individualism is
  2. Focus your attention on the collective and nebulous
  3. Argue that individualism is exploitative
  4. Continue to add adjectives
  5. Remember the responsibility everyone has to everyone else

Let’s go over these five arguments in detail.

1. Highlight How Unrealistic and naive individualism is


The ridiculous notions of individualism will enslave and break you.

Individualism is highly unrealistic. You can never have a society of small government, free markets, and peaceful cooperation.

Have individualists ever met another person? People are brutal, stupid, and short-term thinkers. That’s why we need a small group of people to tell everyone else what to do. Or, better yet, we need a large group of people to command each other. As long as we don’t have individuals telling themselves what to do, our society is safe for freedom.

Individualism is unrealistic, immature, and naive about human nature. We can safely reject it.

2. Focus Your Attention on the Collective and Nebulous

hide your terms | man covering face

You must keep your arguments undefined. The more defined your reasoning, the more individualists can manipulate you.

“Individuals, living their personal lives, are more dangerous than governments and mobs. This is a known fact, my friend.” – An Amazing Economist

Individualism is a selfish, greedy philosophy. How do I know? Because individualists focus on individuals. Therefore, when arguing with an individualist, you must point your attention towards your brothers and sisters in the collective, i.e., society.

Now you may be thinking, but what is “society?” Similar to the “economy,” “society” is just a collection of individuals all making unique choices. However, it is crucial never to let your opponent focus on this reality.

We have to keep things nebulous. Focus on the “common good” or “beauty” or “tradition” or “religion.” If you are more water than ice, then focus on “freedom” and “peace” and “helping the poor.” Who are the poor? Peace for whom? What tradition and to whose benefit? It doesn’t matter! You must focus on the undefinable.

Your goal is to win the argument and change minds. The more clouded you leave the minds of others, the better we can ensure everyone has religious guidance, untarnished cultures, social safety nets, and a post-scarcity economy.

3. Argue that individualism is exploitative

exploit | people with guns

Remember, it is the business owner who charges you for his services who truly exploits you. The government or your fellow citizens will never exploit you.

Once you have whined about “society” and “the children,” you can talk about how individualism is exploitative. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How is wanting to keep all if not most of the resources you’ve earned exploitative? Because people could use your resources to improve their lives, and you’re selfish.

Therefore, you must defeat the exploitation of the collective through many historically peaceful means such as wealth distribution. But I can feel the independent thoughts rising within you. “However,” you ask, “aren’t all systems, to some extent, exploitative?” Yes, all human systems, just like all humans, have flaws and can be turned towards evil. But capitalism is the most exploitative of all.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been told. The greatest minds in history have always warned against exploitation through capitalists. Don’t you see how this economic system ravishes the land with affordable goods, higher standards of living, and more peaceful coexistence with others?

And come on. We all know when you give power to the individual, the possibility of exploitation only increases. Exploitation dies when faced with the might of the state or the collective wisdom of the commune.

Exploitation thrives within individuals. Therefore, we can only defeat such brutality through the elimination of individuals.

4. Continue to add adjectives

individualists cry

Make individualists cry with your apt adjectives.

“Individualism is toxic. Why? Because, like, individuals are valued and respected. This is horrible.” – An Impressive Philosopher

Individualists are known for their massive propaganda campaigns, intimidating numbers, and reliance on violence. Unfortunately, you may have been scared into believing the lies that you own yourself, are free and should be responsible for your actions.

Therefore, to save yourself and others, you must add as many adjectives as you can. Adding adjectives will help everyone understand the dangers of self-ownership.

For example, it’s not “individualism” but “radical” individualism. Or, “rugged” individualism. See? By placing certain words in front of our common foe, we ensure others see the danger of evil ideologies.

And you can do this for everything we despise. Don’t worry. Sometimes, the adjective doesn’t fit reality. However, people will avoid thinking and instead focus on how clever we are.

For example, “unfettered” capitalism makes no sense. Have you seen the large number of regulations, laws, and government programs in our current “free market“? It doesn’t matter. Collectivists see the tyranny of individuals because we use adjectives instead of arguments.

5. Remember the responsibility everyone has to everyone else

responsible | protester holding sign

Don’t be selfish. You are responsible for everyone at all times. Especially people you’ve never met or who lived generations ago.

You are but one thing in a large mass. Your approach, as a collectivist, must always highlight the importance the masses have over you. You are irrelevant. You are disposable.

And there is beauty in this, don’t you see? You are not responsible for your actions. Your neighbors and leaders will take care of and provide for you. Despite the propaganda from individualists, our social ideas are safe, sustainable, and peaceful.

Therefore, you must always try to reason with the individualist first. Point out how evil capitalism, limited government, and personal responsibility are. From here, talk about anecdotal, emotional tales. For example, if someone opposes universal healthcare, they must want your diabetic mother to die.

Lastly, if reason and emotion do not stir the individual, then violence is your only recourse. Individualists are brutes, and you must meet their evil with force. You must show them our peaceful ways through our iron wills.

We Must Defeat Toxic Individualism

fight individualism

This action is the best way to talk to people who believe they should be free.

“Without individuals deciding for themselves what they should do, we can be free.” – The Brilliant, Handsome Author of this Article

The world is drowning in individualism. Governments grow, moral institutions such as the Church are proven to be full of predators, and family abuse continues unabated. Self-ownership is the cause of our failing institutions.

Society diminishes when we place the needs and wants of the individual above the collective. Society diminishes when we ignore the whines of the many to answer the rational desires of the few. Society diminishes when we embrace freedom and peace over brutality and power.

We can win, and when we do, the world will excel.

Become a collectivist.


  1. Reflect on how meaningless and small your life is when you are collectivist. Doesn’t it sound lovely to be reduced to your immutable traits or scorned for things you never did? How about being held to an impossible standard or mocked because you love virtue? Reflect on the beauties of being a collectivist.
  2. Why do you hate individualism? Is it because of personal responsibility? Sustainability? Freedoms and peace and voluntary relationships? Make a list. Then, once you’ve made a list, share what you hate about individualism on Twitter and other social media platforms. That’ll show those selfish bastards and bring us one step closer to our utopia.
  3. Make a list of all eras you haven’t explored. Then, continue to not explore those eras. Double points for any era where socialism, communism, nazism, and other collectivist ideologies were at their peak (remember, those governments were not real collectivist governments).

Reading List

As a collectivist, it is crucial to remain as ignorant as possible. You have all the answers provided by the wisdom of our leaders and the perfection of the masses. Therefore, avoid the following evil, yucky books:

Please remember that it’s important to do the actionables. You’re not on this earth to simply read but to do. To become an individual, you must act more than you consume.

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