Today, I describe and define the various versions of individualism. They are all evil.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Individualism?
  • Types Of Individualism
    • 1) Rugged Individualism
    • 2) Atomized Individualism
    • 3) Liberal Individualism
    • 4) Expressive Individualism
  • Individualism Is A Great Evil In Our Society
  • Actionables

What Is Individualism?

“Individualism is, like, a super bad thing, man.” – College Professor, Full Tenure

Individualism is the evil and radical belief that you own yourself. Instead of our wise rulers, flawless elites, and virtuous citizens, you determine the course of your life. What nonsense! Everyone knows that when individuals directly pay for their actions, all that follows is destruction and tragedies. Selfishness, not collective wisdom, fills mass graves, starves innocent people, and destroys the mental well-being of millions.

History and common sense show us this time and time again.

Types Of Individualism


Individualists never care about the ruling classes, elites, or government dependent when they discuss “personal responsibility.” Why don’t they care about others?

Years ago, we discussed the evils of individualism. In our groundbreaking piece, we explored how self-ownership, personal responsibility, universal ethics, and voluntary relationships are the root of all evil and the destruction of society.

But did you know there are other versions of individualism? Not content with just one definition, this horrid philosophy has spread to other places. What else can we expect from a philosophy of selfishness and self-ownership?

Today, we define and expose these dog whistles so you can know what evilness you are dealing with when you deal with radical self-ownership.

1) Rugged Individualism

Rugged individualism comes from the insane belief that one should “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.” You physically can’t pull yourself up that way. Thus, the idea is ridiculous—another loss for individualism.

But what makes this brand of self-ownership so toxic is the promotion of self-motivation. The individualists, the crazy, evil bastards they are, believe an individual should be motivated to achieve greatness. They should see opportunities wherever they can and do their best with what they have.

They point out that an individual focused on constant self-improvement rarely wants anything. He will always have chances. Thus he must be “rugged” and endure hardships for his and his community’s betterment.

Hogwash! Typical selfishness and evil.

2) Atomized Individualism

Individualism creates self-centered, hedonistic idiots. Of course, individualists will admit that people can become too self-centered. They may suggest focusing on the community or investing in their families to avoid arrogance. But they’re just lying.

Everyone knows that collectivism prevents us from being erased and lost. Collectivism gives us an identity that can’t be earned or maintained. Collectivism gives us purpose, so we no longer need to consider whether things can be made more virtuous.

Collectivism is the force that swallows us whole, so we can’t become atomized. We just become another cog in the machine, comfortable getting along with whatever the wise collective, glorious leaders, and impressive elites think up next.

Such an existence is beautiful.

3) Liberal Individualism

“People who wish to be free should be shot for the greater good” – Non-Violent Communist

Liberalism is a political and philosophical premise promoting individual rights and autonomy. The idea is that no one can force us into unchosen obligations or duties. Of course, such a premise is indeed terrible. Why should adults be able to associate with each other freely? Why should people have to convince you to engage with them?

Of course, the individualists, being the slime they are, do not believe children factor into this. The individualist will say that you are obligated to attend to any dependents you have created, because of “loyalty” or some other nonsense. I don’t believe them, so I will ignore this point.

Individualists believe you are not your brother’s keeper because they are selfish. These people argue that making relationships voluntary pushes us to pursue our best selves.

But that’s a ridiculous idea! Why should parents be the best they can be for their children? Why should wives and husbands treat other well and consistently seek to help each other? Why should your friend group only consist of people who help you achieve your virtuous ends in engaging and supportive ways?

Do you know why? Because then we would all have to try, damn it! And such a thing is unfair. Do you see how liberal individualism forces us to step up our game, become better people and treat others well and with respect? Once people can voluntarily reduce time with us after we’ve treated them poorly, all hell breaks loose, I tell you.

4) Expressive Individualism

Did you know some people are annoying? They are, and they only care about their lifestyle, skin color, and other aspects of their character. Do you know why this happens? Well, it’s not because of a broken education system that indoctrinates kids, parents believing they have no obligation to teach their children humility, or a culture that promotes hedonism and a government that rewards it. No – the issue here, as always, is individualism.

As always, we’ll skip over the propaganda that individualism, through its relentless advocacy of virtue, leads to humility. No, individualism is simply about “expressing” yourself (whatever the hell that means) and pushing yourself onto others.

Wear ridiculous hairstyles, get many tattoos, or modify your body! Other individualists, such as Ayn Rand, have always advocated for this destruction of beauty.

Well… no, she didn’t, but she probably did in private!

Individualism Is A Great Evil In Our Society


Imagine how many people we could feed if it wasn’t for individualism.

It’s crucial to remember how evil individualism is. It is a philosophy that demands the best out of an individual. It promotes universe ethics, moral consistency, and voluntary relationships. At its core is the idea that you should be as virtuous as possible while pursuing reasonable goals that promote life, happiness, and stability.

Individualism. Pure evil wrapped in personal responsibility. There’s nothing more horrendous than it.


  1. Don’t worry about me asking you questions. Unlike individualists, I understand that you deserve to relax and demand others work for your life to have meaning.
  2. Individualists are quite terrible, aren’t they?

Please remember that it’s important to hate individualists.

*Image credit to Unsplash.