Learn About Miles Franklin, the Creator of Become An Individual

I was raised in an environment that discouraged thinking, rational thought, loyalty, and generosity. When I left, I was shocked to discover that most of society functioned with a dog eat dog attitude where people placed the petty wants of “society” above the pains and needs of the individual.

I concluded I did not want to be dependent to, or the victim of, the whims of society. Additionally, I did not want my life and my happiness to be determined or dictated by the collective.

Therefore, I started this blog because I want to help people do four things:

  1. Safeguard yourself, those you love, and your resources against the whims of society
  2. Reject and avoid toxic people and ideas
  3. Empower yourself to pursue virtues and your personal goals
  4. Engage in community and learn to serve others fully and effectively

Through this blog, I want to equip everyone with the intellectual, mental, and physical tools necessary to accomplish the goals outlined above.

Above all else, I believe that we improve society and the world by strengthening individuals. By cultivating personal growth, we ensure long-term happiness, stability, and success.

What is Individualism?

Individualism is a social theory that values the individual above the needs, wants, and desires of the collective and the state. Politically, it is expressed in libertarianism, minarchism, and anarcho-capitalism. Economically, it is expressed through capitalism.

How long have you been an individualist?

I was introduced to the idea of self-ownership through Ayn Rand’s book The Fountainhead when I was in high school. From there, I consumed the works of other Objectivists before branching out to Libertarians, Minarchists, and Anarcho-Capitalists. 

What is Capitalism?

The voluntary exchange of goods and services owned by private entities and individuals. Capitalism is based on voluntarism while all other economic systems are based on coercion.

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